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milwaukee craft beer exchange

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The Best Way To Trade Beer

It’s dark, pouring rain, a chilling howl from the wind permeates your eardrums. There’s a flickering street light with a hooded man beneath it. You can’t see what he’s holding. Your heart races, you begin to sweat profusely. You inch closer. You squint, and there it is… He’s holding a bottle of Cantillon! You proceed to exchange beers like its an illegal drug deal, never giving names, nor telling the other your area of residence. You go home feeling like you survived a near death experience…

Beer trading does not have to be this way.

With every IP (in person) trade I conduct, I always make sure to meet the other trader in a space where we can have a beer, have a cup of coffee or simply sit down and chat for 5-10 minutes. We travel the world, chase trucks, wait in line at 2am and jump through flaming hoops to find these beers; isn’t it worth a few minutes to hear the story behind the beers, but more importantly, hear the stories behind the people trading the beer?

Of course, it doesn’t always work out that the other trader can stay for a beer, but at least make an effort. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down with a trader I’ve never traded with before in my life, shared a few beers, and heard some phenomenal stories about their beer travels, beer hunting and beyond. Sometime these encounters turn into long friendships. So, stop meeting guys in parking lots and go grab a beer with them. BeerAdvocate has it’s place in the beer world, but if you’re trading local, take the time to meet the people behind the beer, it’ll be well worth your while.

My Favorite Milwaukee Shelf Beer

Most of us reading this are uber beer geeks who like to land big whales and generally have tried everything our local bottle shop has on the shelf… and in the back… and in the bottle shop owners cellar. We enjoy waking up at 7am to get in line for a 12 oz. bottle that’s going to cost $8.99 because we enjoy the thrill of the chase, but more importantly the taste and exclusivity of the beer. But, all too often we overlook those beers that are readily available because of that simple reason: we can get them whenever we want. Yes, beer is subjective and we all like what we like, but here is a short list of shelf beers I think are fantastic and if you haven’t had one in a while, give it another shot. Continue reading

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Wheat Men Can’t Jump

So, as some of you reading this may already know, a recipe “Wheat Men Can’t Jump”(a white IPA with WI juniper) I submitted to MobCraft was selected for the April 2015 vote. I was rocking first place for a while and then a vanilla wafer whatever beer took first. Giotto and the gang at MobCraft were kind enough to let my beer be put to vote again for this month! Some of you have already pre-ordered and I greatly appreciate it. If my beer ends up winning, I’ll absolutely throw a kick ass bottle share and tasting event. Best part about MobCraft’s pre-order model, is that if the beer you vote for (and it better be mine! haha kidding… not really…) doesn’t win, you don’t get charged. Continue reading

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Stein & Dine 2015

This year’s Stein & Dine is going to be the best yet. April 25th at the State Fair convention center, beer, food and all around awesomeness. Best part? I’m going to have a booth there! I’ll be giving away some fun freebies, info about new events, talking about how the Milwaukee Craft Beer Exchange began and I may even raffle off some fun beers from the cellar. See you there! Continue reading

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Food & Froth 2015: Beer and Priceless Artifacts (nothing could go wrong…)

This Saturday, February 21st, 2015, is the 17th annual Food & Froth Beer Festival. It’s hosted at the Milwaukee Public Museum and showcases dozens of breweries from all across the nation, a few from across the pond, tons of great food, live entertainment, and millions of dollars worth of ancient artifacts. Nothing could go wrong… Well, seeing as it’s the 17th annual and there haven’t been any horror stories, they must keep the good stuff locked away. Continue reading