Milwaukee Craft Beer Exchange

How It Works

We’re a community of craft beer lovers who simply want to share a bottle, share a story and share a laugh.

The driving force behind this group is to share & exchange those rare treats, or popular favorites, we gather along the way on our craft beer journeys.

This is a platform to meet craft beer lovers, make trades for beers you’re looking for, and grow the craft beer community here in Milwaukee.

How it works

1. Post on the MCBE Trading Block. Visit the “How To Use The Trading Block Page” for a run-down on how to use the trading block.

Example 1: “FT (for trade) (2) 22 oz. bottle of 2014 Dark Lord. ISO (in search of) Surly Pentagram (any year).”

Example 2: “I just got 2 freshly bottled six packs of Three Floyds Zombie Dust, Looking to trade for King Sue or Daisy Cutter”

2. Hopefully a conversation begins with another MKE craft beer lover and you’re able to make a trade.

It’s as simple as that!

I will also post new trades on all social media outlets & MCBE Newsletter.


All users MUST be 21 years of age. No Exceptions. It’s the law!

Don’t give anyone your home address or phone number you don’t feel comfortable with. Choose to make the exchange at a neutral location.

Absolutely NO posting for profit. All comments will be deleted. This is meant to be a beer exchange/platform to meet other MKE craft beer lovers, not a place to sell your beer for profit. So, don’t be that guy.

Play nice. If someone has a bottle of something you want and they just aren’t looking for the beers you have or are willing to trade, respect their decision. We travel far and wide for these beers and aren’t willing to give them up easily.

No threadshitting. No excuses. Your posts/comments will be deleted.

The Trading Block is the centralized, streamlined hub where all the trading and interactions go down. You’re able able to post trades, chat and decide where you’ll meet to make your exchange. It’s fairly simple, but here is a description of how to best utilize the platform.

How to use the Trading Block

1. Post what you’re looking for/what you want to trade

Click on “Post To The Trading Block” button in top right corner of page:

2.Title your post so all can understand (This platform is for beer lovers of all levels, please be descriptive!)

Example: “Looking for Solemn Oath – Kavorka (Russian Imp.), Willing to trade Founders KBS”

3. Let people know the best method to contact you

In the description section of your post, let people know the best method of communication. Leave an email address, a phone number, a link to your Facebook, etc.

If you don’t leave any contact information, please check your posts regularly!

4. Continue as “Anonymous” and add first name & first letter of last initial

Simply continue as “Anonymous”. But, make sure to leave a way for people to contact you! (email, Facebook, Twitter, phone #, etc.)

*Click this box Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 1.28.44 PM

If your trade is complete, please post “CLOSED” on the original post so I can delete it, thank you!

Happy Beer Hunting Milwaukee!

Head to the Trading Block!