Looking to get some out of distro hops for new years, failed to get some shipped in on time. Hoping someone has extras to spare in the area. Tree house, trill, veil, aslin, bissell, monkish, brew gentlemen, weldwerks, great notion… you get it.

Allagash farm to Face and fv13
Jester King Black Metal
Funk Factory tradeships, door kriek, white lodge
Lickinghole creek heir apparent, magnificent pagan beast, despot, leader, commander, obsession etc.
Darkness, many years
So happens it’s tuesday, monday Tuesday Wednesday, chocolate salty bbls, lots of others
BBB variants
Pugachevs cobra 15 and 16
BA Bigfoot
Kds and bbomb
Firestone walker (many years) helldorado, velvet merkin, sucaba, ddba, parabola, xviii xix xx
Monsters park bourbon ba variants
Abraxas, sump
Bb jackie o’s stouts
BASS, Mexican SS
Hardywood park stouts
2013, 2016 bcbs
No rules
Abyss and variants
Bo & luke (2013 I think)
Terrapin waxed stouts

Hit me up if you see anything of interest.

naskins83 at gmail