I am in need of 2 Fencerow b3 for a trade with a RTP based on a separate trade that got delayed by a family emergency. I know, I know, I’m a dumbass for setting it up like this. But looking past that, if anyone has 2x b3 Fencerow that they would be willing to “lend” me until mine arrive, I’ll give you some great beers in addition to replacing the 2 Fencerow. Some options for the pre-payment beers:

Choose any 3 lines:
DeGarde Petit Blanc
DeGarde Foeder D’or
Modern Times School of Certain Victory (Apricot Sour)
Modern Times Monster’s Park Barbados Rum Vanilla and Coconut
Mexican Cake 2017
Cantillon Kriek 375
Tilquin Mure 750
Rare Barrel Home Sour Home (others available as well if interested)
Jackie O’s BB Black Maple, BB Oil of Aphrodite, Oil of Aphrodite (all 3 count as one line)
Perrin No Rules

Willing to substitute if someone needs a different option.

So just to be clear…
I get: 2x Fencerow b3 now
You get: 3 choices from above now AND 2x Fencerow b3 as soon as I get them in my possession

If anyone can swing this, please let me know asap. Cheers and thanks!
email: sksjunk (at) gmail (dot) com