ISO: Champ du Blanc = 3 points (can do multiple trades on this until the bottles below are gone. You can add a + if you’re interested in a beer above 4 points)


6 Points:
FF White Lodge
FF Bosbes

4 Points:
FFF Dark Lord ’15
FF Tradeship Blood Orange

3 Points:
SN BA Narwhal
Surly Eight
FF Tradeship Rakau

2 Points:
R&D Golden Ale
R&D Wild Bitter
Thumbprint Barleywine
Thumbprint Wild Sour Ale
BB Pt5 ’15

1 Point:
KBS ’15
KBS ’16
Tyranena Kissers BA stout
CW Cassian Sunset
CW BB Stout ’14 or ’15
Bell’s 30th Anniversary RIS
Jack’s Abby Framinghammer
NG Cranbic (either of last two batches)

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