Lost the lottery and hoping I can cobble together a bottle of Black Gold via trade. I was thinking 2 lines from the list below seems fair, but I’m open to negotiation or subbing.

CW 18
NG Champ du Blanc
Stone w00tstout 2016
So Happens Its Tuesday
Abyss 2015
CW Rye Barrel Choc Porter + Cassian Sunset

I’m also in search of at least 2 bottles of Bell’s 2016 Black Note (for different ratios). Leave an email and I respond quickly.

As a way too thirsty side note of desperation, if there’s anyone who has a +1 to spare for the release, I’d be willing to toss in most of the above plus I have a perfect driving record. That’s nearly $4$ on beer you don’t even have to buy plus enjoy as many glasses as you want at the festival without having to drive back! Doesn’t hurt to try, right?