FT some combo of…
SARA- West Ashley, Cellarman, Fruit Punch #3, Cask Strawberry, Bernice (or anything currently togo @ Capitola)
BCBS Vanilla ‘18 X2
BA Expo ’18 x2
CW Maple B2
Lone Pint Yellow Rose (12/26) x2
HF Arthur
FFG Bumbleberry Pie
Trill Fated Farmer Red Currant
Casey Saison
Plan Bee Barn Beer
Transient Maigre de Chaunac Grape
Tree House- SSSappp (12/9) x1, Somewhere Something Incredible is Waiting to Be Known (12/10) x1, Julius(12/8) x2
Hudson Valley- Peach Silhouette (x1) & Semilion Purelake (x1)
Suarez- Palatine Pils (x1)
Rev Café Deth ’18 (x1)

Or other vintages of BG, CW Annis, FFG.

Shoot me a message and lets figure something out. Gonna share the BG 14 with some guys that have much deeper cellars than I do, perhaps they have something you might be more interested in.

JJripperfamily @ gmail