I’m going to be in Wisconsin next week and would like to set up an IP trade. I’ll be near Central Waters on the evening of Wed, June and the afternoon of Thurs, June 9 or near Milwaukee the afternoon of Fri, June 10.

ISO: Adrea Insignis

Can work out the ratios (am thinking 2 or 3 depending on what they are). Also open to expand.

West Ashley
Ground State
Leche Borracho
BA Monsters Park w/ coconut & cocoa
BT Reserve
Wineification III
Mocha Wednesday
Chocolate Salty BBLs
Blue BBLs
Alpine Ichabod ’09
Peche N Brett
Hawaiian Speedway
Mexican Speedway
De Garde Grande Blanc
Tres Grande Blanc
Oude Desay
Grand Rouge
Citrus Desay
Rare Barrel Home Sour Home

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