Long story short, I will be moving soon and will not be able to bring the majority of my beer with. This lot contains about 200 12oz bottles / cans plus around 30 bombers. ~95% are craft and the majority are stouts (many BA). Please note that these are the bottles that I wasn’t able to drink and they have just been kept in a closet; the beers have not been properly cellared so there may be some duds in the bunch and many of the bottles are dusty.

What I am looking for:
1. Someone who will take ALL of these bottles (in total, about 10 cases worth)
2. Someone who can meet downtown tomorrow (Friday May 5) BEFORE 5:00pm, at either Metro Market (Van Buren St.) or Pick ‘n Save (East Pointe)

If you are interested, please leave your email. The lot will go to the first person who is able to meet up tomorrow and who is able to take all of the bottles.