Have way too many bombers in the collection and need to unload a bunch as they just ain’t getting drunk anytime soon. Ratios/what-for-what obviously vary, have other options available. Plan to get rid of the whole list one way or another so inquirie$ are welcome even if you don’t have my ISO. Please leave email.

Abraxas 16
Abyss 15-17 mini-vert
Abyss Scotch
Black Butte xxviii
Black Note 16b2 or 17
Cranberry Meerts
Darkness 16 and/or 17
Adroit Theory Death of Cthulhu
Hunahpu 18
Green Bench Manaphin
Black Husky Rye BA Headbutter 16
So Happens Its Tuesday 16 (blue neck non-infected)
Morning Wood
Westbrook 7th Anny
Zhukov 17

NG Mistral x4-6
NG Pommier Sauvage
2014 BCBS & Variants
Café Deth x2
Deth by Cherries x2
Mystic Cortado
Dark Lord 17
BA Über Joe
BA Expo 16
CCB David Humphrey BA BW
CCB Madeira BA BW
King Sue Teku glass
Cycle mustache snifter
TRVE Brewing pentagram stem glass