I have multiple bottles of CW19 and an extra Abyss Scotch I’m looking to trade for some long time wants. My ISOs are listed in order of priority, so preference will go to offers farther up the list. I’m thinking one of my bottles for each line on the list. My email is down below.

2X BB Plead the 5th (recent release)
2017 BA Blackout (pre)
BA Darkness
Abyss Brandy
2X 2014 BCBBW
Great Lakes BA Barleywine (pre)
Prairie Noir + Noir Variant (or 2 different variants – preference to vanilla)
Abyss Rye
Rye Barrel Rasputin

I can add on my end for either Kentuckley (22 oz) or a 2014 Black Note cork+cage bomber (I think that’s the right year for Black Note bombers). Also willing to discuss what it would take to get a BA Abraxas.

My email is andyhendricks11@gmail.com