I have two tickets that I’m unfortunately no longer able to use. Since Great Taste is all about sampling great beer, I’d rather turn these tickets into some new beers to try as opposed to just gouging someone on craigslist. Looking for any of the following:

CW 18
CW 19
Black Gold
Dark Lord (any year)
Parabola (any year)
Regal Rye
Fremont BBA Dark Star
Rum BA Ten Fidy
Tree House Cans
Tired Hands Cans
Moonraker Cans
Monkish Cans
NEBCO Fuzzy Baby Ducks
Veil Cans
Aslin Cans
Bissell Cans
Other NE style hops…

Ideally looking for a package of 1-2 stouts and 4-6 cans. Open to others not on this list as well. Hit me up if interested (mrosie@gmail.com).