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Tasting Notes: Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Cherry Stout

Last night I tasted a few beers with a good buddy of mine, who also happens to be a new contributor to the Milwaukee Craft Beer Exchange social media outlets, and this Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Cherry Stout was a stand out. Here’s what I got from this fantastic beer:

Appearance – Pours a thin, bubble filled, dark brown when looking from above. When the beer moves back and forth, or you hold it to the light, the edges turn a black cherry maroon. Head has a tan & faint cherry hue.

Smell – Cherry bomb. Sweet tart aromas hit right away and the malt bill arrives fashionably late. Bourbon soaked cherry pits finish off the delectably sweet aroma.

Taste РReminiscent of a bourbon old fashioned sour. The sweet and tart cherries coat your tongue and race to the back of your mouth, causing you to pucker in joy. Once the initial tartness subsides, light bourbon joins the party bringing roasted and mellow malt profiles. Leaves a cherry film, instantly leaving you wanting more. This beer clocks in at %10.00 and drinks like a %6.00. Lusciously smooth.

Mouth Feel – Back of the mouth tartness immediately. Leaves a tingle and a pucker. Thinner beer than I was expecting, but I like it. Not much chewiness, but thin silkiness.

Overall – Fantastic beer for a cherry stout drinker. If you’re looking for big bourbon profiles, might need to look elsewhere. Those cherries take over, but in the best way possible. Age it for a year or two, and that tartness will subside.

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