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Social Media Accounts All MKE Beer Geeks Should Follow

There are some pretty awesome beer peeps here in Milwaukee that all focus on different aspects of beer. There are classic beer bloggers, beer finders, beer photographers, tasting note guru’s, beer clubs, and everything in-between. Check these awesome folks out that help grow and cultivate our thriving beer community.

Milwaukee Beer RadarScreen Shot 2017-02-07 at 4.04.48 PM
Only posting to Twitter, MKE Beer Radar lets everyone know where new/rare/exciting beers are being sold and/or tapped around the city. If you’re a truck chaser, I’m sure you already follow them. But, this account is great when you’re looking for a place that tapped something new or hard to find. It’s also a crowdsourced idea, so if you’re at Burnheart’s and they tap a keg of Perennial SUMP, shoot a tweet to @MKEbeeradar and share the wealth.

Milwaukee Beer Craft
He’s the new kid on the block, as he started his blog mere months ago, but he’s been producing a lot of great content. What’s great about Milwaukee Beer Craft, is that he focuses on conversations with brewers. Most of his articles include tasting notes that come from him as well as the brewer that brewed the beer. His delivery is smart and he asks great questions. Definitely give him a follow as he’s already gotten some sneak peaks at beers that (at the time) haven’t even hit the market.

Milwaukee Beer SocietyScreen Shot 2017-02-07 at 4.06.44 PM
One of the coolest beer groups in town, these guys and gals taste around 10-15 unique beers every Wednesday. Yes, every single Wednesday. How cool!? I personally know many of the guys involved and they couldn’t be more welcoming to new members. $10 membership fee and $10-20 per tasting. Tasting prices change due to price of beer (a barrel aged imperial stout tasting will cost much more than a pilsner tasting). Most meetings are held at Best Place but they’ve been known to go on field trips and do their tastings at local breweries.

A man, a twitter handle, and a love for all things craft beer. If you want to know about a beer event/tasting/beer pairing dinner/beer news/etc., just click that “Follow” button now. He’s been keeping Milwaukee up to date on all things beer for some time now, and it doesn’t sound like he’s stopping any time soon. Like sports? You most likely just found your new favorite twitter account (and person?).

Other great social accounts:

Kathy Flanigan

Chris Drosner


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