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Juncts In The Trunk

The word “adjunct” alone has a history if giving beer enthusiasts nightmares… Adjunct beers were seen as cheap, cheating, inauthentic and low brow. But oh how the tables have turned. Now-a-days, adjunct stouts are some of the most sought after beers, and for good reason. They are absolutely delicious and beer pairs so damn well with so many flavors. So drink what you like, right? Here’s a list of some of my favorite adjuncts and specific beers that showcase those juncts well. You can never have enough junct in the trunk… Well you can, I’ll have a short list of beers that I think have WAY too many juncts.

There are tons of beers that could fall in these categories, these are just a small sampling of ones I have had and enjoyed. Have favorites? Let me know.

Oskar Blue – Death By Coconut
Bent Kettle – K’Paui
New Holland – Drangon’s Milk Rum Barrel Coconut
Goose Island – Bourbon County Prop. 2013Adjunct Beer

Goose Island – Bourbon County Vanilla Rye
4 Hands – Madagascar
Half Acre – Vanilla Big Hugs
Breckenridge – Vanilla Porter

Cinnamon & Spice
Cigar City – Hunahpu
Perennial – Abraxas
Avery – Xolotl
Central Waters – Cassian Sunset

Chocolate & Cocoa Nibs
The Bruery – Chocolate Rain
Central Waters – Rye Barrel Chocolate Porter
Brooklyn Brewing – Black Chocolate Stout

Lagunitas – Hight Westified
Goose Island – Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout
Alesmith – Speedway Stout (and all of it’s variants)
Founders – Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Toppling Goliath – Morning Delight
Funky Buddha – Maple Bacon Coffee Porter
Mikerphone – Imperial Smells Like Bean Spirit

Peanut Butter
Dangerous Man – Peanut Butter Porter
Belching Beaver – Peanut Butter Milk Stout
DuClaw – Sweet Baby Jesus!

Too Many Juncts In The Trunk
Founders – Lizard of Koz
J. Wakefield – East Bound & Down
Deschuttes – The Abyss
Bell’s – Neptune