In person at CW19 or O’so
I’m ISO: BCBS 12oz or 22oz (any style), CW19 and Black Note (any year)

Ratios depend on bottles, can work out a deal for multiples
PM me if your on the fence
my preference to BCBS, but let me know what your interested in
also looking for 2 CW 19’s

TG: Double Dry Hopped Pseudo Sue
(or fresh Sue Cans or TG bombers that are available right beforehand)
CigarCity – Lactobacillus Blackcurrant Grove (value at 2 BCBS)
CigarCity – Hunapuhu 2015 (preference to 22oz BC variant)
Darklord (14/15/16) (value 4pk of BCBS)
Wicked Weed – Black Angle, Oblivian
Upland – Dantalion Dark Wild Ale
Upland – Barrel Chested Barlywine
OB – BA TenFidy (value at 2 BCBS or 3 BN)
O’so – Berry Gibb
NH – Triple Mash Dragons Milk
NG – Thumbprint Cran-Bic and Enigma (vintage)
NG R&D – (value at 2 BCBS)
R&D Wild Barrel (BBBB)
R&D 2015 Golden Ale
R&D Pommier Sauvage
R&D Wild Bitter
Lagunitas – High West-ified (1:1 BCBS)
Jackie O’s – Oil Of Aphrodite
Jackie O’s – Oro Negro
Jackie O’s – Rum Barrel Oil Of Aphrodite
Founders – KBS (14/15/16vert)
Founders – Lizard Of Koz
50/50 –
BA Eclipse ’12 (Elijiah Craig) – (1:1 BCBS 22oz)
BA Eclipse ’12 (Even Williams)
BA Eclipse ’12 (Maker’s Mark)
CW – Cassain and Cherry Stout