My friend Mark Seramur (please add him to the group) from FL is looking to try some stuff from CW while he is in town over the next couple days. Ratios vary, he is willing to piece this up.
Wide Awake It’s Morning – Funky Buddha (2)
French Toast – Funky Buddha (2)
BA Chocwork Orange – Funky Buddha (2)
Caffe Americano – Cigar City (2)
Good Gourd – Cigar City (1)
Cubano Style Espresso Brown Ale – Cigar City (8 cans)
Mojito Gose – Westbrook (2)
Margarita Gose – Westbrook (1)
W00tStout 2016 – Stone Brewing (2)
Nib Smuggler Milk Chocolate Porter – Funky Buddha (2)
Bombadile 500ml Brettanomyces farmhouse ale fermented with strawberries – Wicked Weed (1)
Black Gold and Cassian Sunset