List of Potential Shares:
Bourbon County Brand Vanilla Stout (2010)
Duck Duck Gooze
Darkness (Barrel-Aged) (2016)
Kalevipoeg At The Gates Of Hell
Curiosity 29
Curiosity 30
Curiosity 31
Super Sap
Bright with Citra
Chocolate Rain
Pow Pow
Ton of Trillium.
SARA – Appreciation
Hardywood – Tickery, Foolery, Kentucky Xmas Morning, Apple Brandy GBS
NG R&D – Wild Peach
CW – 18, 19
Hill Farmstead – Juicy B2, Everett, Vera Mae, Anna, Arthur, Edith, Twilight
Bruery – Black Tuesday (Regular)
Modern Times – Mega Black House, Monsters Park, Monster Park Coffee, Mosters Park Coconut and Cocoa

We are open to all shares of rare beers. Below are beers we still need to try on the untappd top 50. I know some of these are not equal just sharing the list.
Rare Bourbon County Brand Stout (2010)
Proprietor’s Bourbon County Brand Stout (2013)
Good Morning
Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS)
Barrel-Aged Abraxas
Pliny the Younger
Assassin (2014) (Gold Wax)
Mornin’ Delight
Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Lord with Vanilla Beans
SR-71 (Barrel Aged)
Black Agnes
Double Sunshine
Rare Scooop
Kentucky Brunch
The Heart Of Darkness
Dark Lord – French Vanilla Militia (2016)
R & D Sour Fruit
Triple Sunshine IPA
Dark Lord – Marshmallow Handjee (2016)

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