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Michigan Beer Adventures

This past weekend I went and visited my lovely girlfriend’s family and friends in the great beer state of Michigan. There were a lot of laughs, a lot of great beer and even more snow…

We were able to check out three breweries throughout the weekend as well as a few fantastic beer bars that you should take note of:

The Breweries

– Witch’s Hat Brewing (South Lyon, MI)

– Greenbush Brewing Company (Sawyer, MI)

– Black Lotus Brewery (Clawson, MI)

The Beer Bars

– Clubhouse BFD (Rochester Hills, MI)

– HopCat (East Lansing, MI)

– CK Diggs (Rochester Hills, MI)


The Best
HopCat, Witch’s Hat Brewing and Greenbush Brewing Company… Was that really a surprise? Probaly not, but here’s why:

The East Lansing HopCat was actually the first Hopcat I have ever been too. I was expecting a World of Beer type of place. A bar with “A ba-gillion” taps, most are your everyday and readily accessible craft beers, and a few rarities. Nothing too special. But, what I got was an overwhelmingly large (100 taps) list of beers I’ve never tasted, as well as a ton of limited release beers, hard to find beers and beers you’re never going to be able to try again. Granted I was in Michigan, and these beers aren’t around Milwaukee… never-the-less, it was awesome, I may have cried a little. I’m getting even more excited that Madison, WI is getting a HopCat! Can we start a campaign to bring one to Milwaukee… Like now?!

What I had at HopCat
(don’t worry… these were not all full glasses)

Odd Side Ales – “Citra Pale Ale”
Short’s Brewing Company – “Huma Lupa Licious”
Short’s Brewing Company – “Evil Urges”
Brewery Vivant – “Wizard Burial Ground”
Brewery Vivant – “Skit Patrol”
ABC Brewpub – “Ypsi Gypsi Pale Ale”
Perrin Brewing Company – “Kingdom of Tonga Vanilla Porter”

Greenbush Brewing Company

Nuff said. They make fantastic beer. Go check em’ out.

Witch’s Hat Brewing

Tucked away in South Lyon, MI, this brewery is doing something right. I tasted their flagship IPA – “Train Hopper”, and there’s a clear reason this is their flagship. It’s a well balance American IPA with a ton of grapefruit notes, crisp pine and resin-y goodness. Start off with this beer, and then run wild. Next I had “Royal Rumble”, which is an Imperial Red Ale brewed with blood oranges. It’s awesome. I finished with “Night Fury”, which is their imperial stout. I have nothing but great things to say about this place. So, if you find yourself close to South Lyon, definitely make a stop at With’s Hat Brewing.


The Worst

Check back later for my next blog post about the beers to avoid…


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